Happy Birthday, Jack!

Happy birthday, Jack. I thought you would like a picture of you and “Silly Girl” on your birthday. I couldn’t find a picture of you and the original “Silly Girl”, so this will have to do. I think this picture was taken just after many local fishermen thought you referred to me as “Honey Bun”.


I hope your day was great!


  1. BC, Jack usually calls me “Honey Bun,” but I’m sure he just wanted you to know how much he thinks of you as part of our family! Thank you for honoring him on his birthday, BC, and we’re both so happy you’re in the big mix with all of our crazy fam. (You fit right in!) We love you so much! Thanks for loving our daughter, our grandkids, and all of us wholeheartedly!

  2. I thought I would add the “Honey Bun” thing, because it was really funny. Jack was using the voice recognition on his phone to call you, but it wasn’t working very well. Thus, he was repeatedly saying “Honey Bun” as a couple of boats passed by. It is the kind of random occurrence that makes me laugh.

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