Happy Birthday to Momma!

Happy birthday to my lovely bride of almost 20 years! I am so thankful for you, my love. I am glad God put us together and blessed us with such bliss. My prayer is that you have a marvelously magnificent day full of zephyrs of kindness directed towards you. I pray that the kind words received from others would serve to galvanize your faith. Feel free to jettison your fears about getting old. There should be nothing lachrymose about today. Keep up your sanguine and ebullient outlook. Sure, you can look back on days of yore. There are wonderful memories awaiting, though, perhaps somewhat nebulous. I trust, though, you will spend this day with your usual panache. May there be absolutely no debacles in your path.


Your usually laconic husband.

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  1. Thank you my verbose love! I loved how you tied together all of the SAT vocabulary words we have recently been teaching the kids! I love you!

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