Big Surprise Under the Deck

As the title indicates, we found something under our deck. Before I tell you what it was, I want to point something out. My title is a lot like a recent title used by my lovely bride. I could not be outdone, I suppose.

Unfortunately, my post is not about meeting a TV star or anything like that. It also is not about something nice. It’s pretty negative, in fact. So on with the show.

Today, a couple of my children informed me that they had discovered a couple of snake skins in a crevice between our house and our deck. Before inspecting the situation, I recalled that I had recently stumbled upon a molted snake skin IN our garage. Maybe I’m screaming, maybe I’m not. My wife certainly is. Can you hear her?

So, upon hearing of other evidences of reptilian friends lurking near our abode, I decided to retrieve the skins for inspection. I used a croquet stick to leverage the skins out of their resting place beneath the deck. There was nothing premeditated about that. I saw the croquet stick nearby, and used it. That was all.

I spread out the skins side by side on a table. It was an outside table that I will wash before I ask you to eat with us on the deck that happens to be snake-infested. Let me tell you something. It was a surprise to find two snake skins under my deck. It was an even larger surprise to find that one skin measured three feet, while the other measured four.

My wife happened to be at the library at the time of discovery, and the children who found the skins were nearly at bursting point to tell Momma when she made it home. I don’t need to describe for you the reaction. I really don’t. You have been around her when snakes or spiders are even mentioned. Everything you’ve seen her do before was done again. It’s the “critter dance”.

We immediately endeavored to find the answer to our burning question. “What question would that be?” you ask. It was something in the neighborhood of, “What kind of snakes are they?” or “Are they poisonous?” The latter was the most fiery question of the day, I must admit.

Back and Belly

After scouring the internet, we learned that most snake skins exceeding three feet used to be the clothing for VENOMOUS snakes (specifically rattlers). We also learned that there are exceptions. We were glad for those. One exception is that there are usually two rows of scales at the tip of the tail on the underside of non-venomous snakes. This was true of the ones we found.

Whew! Momma is now happier, and that makes me happy. I use the word happier. She is not delighted. Just happier.

Two Rows

I have thought of  many things today regarding snakes, but one rises to the surface. I am intrigued with the stigma that surrounds snakes. Such a small creature sends most of us running. I can’t help but let my mind go back to the first time a snake became a problem. It was in a beautiful garden, and the snake was Satan, the adversary. He used the form of a serpent to bring on the fall of man, and he inadvertently allowed for such a pouring out of blessing on mankind that never would have been possible had man not fallen.

I’m referring to what God prophesied in that very garden. He foretold that the seed of the woman would one day put the serpent in his place, and that things would be made right. Of course Adam had no idea what all this would mean, but we do.

God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, would many years later take sinful Man’s place on a hill outside of Jerusalem. There He would be fastened to a tree and take the place of the curse. And there He would die. I am thankful the story has a happier ending than our story today. He died, but rose to life on the third day. Those who believe this have life now, and the promise of no condemnation. This really is good news!

New Decor

I know you will call me weird, but it’s ok. I think it’s the truth. I decided to garnish our deck with the new discovery.


  1. Well, I think I prefer snakes (non-venomous ones) over rats or mice. I think. I love you, brave one!

  2. Yes, I can hear her screaming! And, in fact, I was screaming with her — at first. I’m just glad they’re non-venomous. What an exciting month you’ve had!

  3. Are you hanging the snake skins as a warning? If so, are you warning the snakes, or the neighbors? 😉

  4. I haven’t fully analyzed my reason(s) for displaying the skins. Let me think about it a little.

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