Behind This Smile…

…lies a funny man.

We had a great time recently during a routine visit to MCD. For the first time in a long time, we sighted a living, breathing, and extremely entertaining Ronald (not that I make it my life-goal to search for a Ronald or anything like that). He was full of fairly clever jokes, and made use of the effect that comes from embarrassing people. Clown power is quite amazing.

My favorite memory deals with Ronald’s time spent behind the counter. He walked past the associates at the registers, and began turning the menu from “dinner” to “breakfast” and then stopped the menus at the in-between place, so that no menu could be seen. Only eye-pain resulted as the lights that usually illuminate the menu now had free reign. Ronald simply asked the customers waiting for their food if they like the new lights behind the menu.

This is the kind of Ronald that we all need to witness every once in a while. The kind that thinks outside the box, and bothers people. He was obviously not the kind of guy that dresses in a clown suit, and fully depends on the fact that he is dressed in a clown suit. You know the kind. He stands there waving at the little kids – and that’s all.

This was the kind of guy that uses the fact that he is dressed like a clown to do things that would get the average Roberto discharged from the establishment.

Bravo to Ronald for restoring dignity to all those who wear clown suits.

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