Is It True?

If I had not been in the seat next to her, I would not have believed it. My daughter is now driving; the one I rocked, and sang to, and tickled, and with whom I enjoyed many tea parties, has taken yet another step toward independence. I have to ask again, “Is it true?”

And so it is. The picture proves it all.

I know I sound like my parents or my grandparents when I ask, “How is this possible?”  Various family members and friends have warned me about the fleeting moments, and that this day would be here in a snap. So here it is. Right before my eyes, my little one is no longer little.

While this is a sampling of an imminent greater sadness – a sadness that will come when she takes that final step away from the protection and warmth of the arms of her mother and her father, I have also been filled with a magnificent and overwhelming revelation of pride.

I do not speak of the pride a painter has when he has labored to complete the masterpiece. Nor do I point to the pride a sailor feels when he has rushed his ship headlong into a squall, and emerged from its clutches with his life and his ship. The pride I feel is different. I think it is the pride that a mother duck must feel when she sees a new desire in the eyes of her duckling; it is the desire for independence.

I sit in the passenger seat now as the father duck, proud as can be of a duckling taking her step away. I thank my God for this adventure through which he has led me, and continues to lead me. He promises never to leave nor forsake. For this, I praise His wonderful Name.


  1. “Waaaaaaa! Waaaaaa!” quacked Mama Duck.

    However, she eventually consoled herself by remembering how amazingly capable, and incredibly precious, her “baby” duckling was!

  2. BC, this is such a beautifully written reflection of your precious daughter, her past, present, and future. I loved reading this! I’m simply amazed at how well all of your family writes, and you bless us so much by your gift! I love you, and if I could have chosen any son-in-law in the world for CW (now CC), it would have been you! Thank you for loving the Lord, our daughter, your precious children, and all of us!

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