Happy Anniversary

So today is the day. Nineteen years ago today we made the commitment before God and our friends and family to love each other unconditionally. And I am thankful beyond description that I took that step. And I am thankful you took the step too.

What a wonderful day that was. It began as a 70 degree day in Lewisville, and there was snow filling the sky by the end of the wedding. How much like a dream it was. I still need to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it isn’t a dream.

In my soon-coming post of 100 things about me, I comment about how we both knew we wanted to be married soon after we knew one another. I marvel at this, because not every one is blessed in this way. I am so glad to have found you. I bless God for leading me to you.

Thank you for these nineteen years.

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  1. Nineteen years ago—A heart full of “wisdom” was swept off of her feet, and into a beautiful “cloud”…overflowing with love! Thanks for showering me with such love!

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