I Remember

I remember that day, 16 years ago. It was a day of snow. A day when God opened the skies and delivered blessings. And you were the greatest one of all that day.

I remember holding you and watching you breathe. You stared at me silently, and I at you. God gave the first portion of your life to me. And I devoured those minutes like a starving man would a feast.

I remember the nurse calling you a baby pterodactyl because of your little noises.

And I remember our first Christmas together. We brought you home from the hospital that day and we must have stopped the car three times to make sure you were breathing.

I remember how terrified you were when Big Bird paid you a surprise visit. I am still apologizing to Momma for that.

And I remember how foolish I was to think I could safely transport you across a slick floor on a bath towel like a magic carpet ride. Sorry for that too, Momma.

I remember how you “offered” your fist to Michelle, and how you grew to love her.

I remember how you diagnosed yourself with “stwep thwoat”, and how you ran into an open file cabinet and required a staple in your head to close the gap.

How can I use the word “remember” to describe the day Dr. Patel called our home? It would be like having fathomed the depths of the sea and saying, “I got a little wet.”

I remember embracing you that day like it would be my last day to embrace you. And I remember that God had bigger plans.

I remember the shots you had to take, and the pain on your face.

I remember the radiation treatments, and the chemotherapy, and the nausea, and the leg cramps. And I remember your smile as you endured.

I remember the “all clear” phone calls that held us in the prayer mode as we waited.

I remember the last scans.

I remember the relays we’ve attended, and the way you have given hope to others still in the midst of the fight.

I remember the spelling bees and how hard you worked.

I remember you – my precious daughter.


  1. Can you believe we have a sixteen-year-old? She sure has taught us a lot about life, and being content, and how good God is! Thank you for sharing these memories…both here in this post, and by my side!

  2. I remember all of these things, too, BC. I also remember watching a beautiful young couple transform into a family in a moment’s time. The first sight of the three of you took my breath away. The first sight of our precious baby girl — the first of six such moments — took my breath away, too. How grateful I am for those moments from that day to this that we have shared life and love!

    Love forever,

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