Another Mile Marker

No, I am not referring to an additional gray hair. Nor am I commenting on the back pain that sometimes plagues me. It has been a delightful day for me to consider a recognized rite of passage in the life of the oldest of my offspring. In less than a week, Paige will celebrate her 16th birthday.

Throughout the day, my mind travelled back in time to many memorable moments in her life. I found myself chuckling at funny things she said and did as a young child, and I found myself trying to hold back tears as I considered some hard things she has had to face. At the end of my journey through her life, I resolve to thank God for the blessing she was, is, and (LORD-willing) will continue to be to CC and me.

And I echo the same thoughts for all of my children. I am undisputably blessed. In their own way, each child is like a diamond. As you turn a jewel, the light catches it and displays something new. So it is with our children. I praise God for his mercy and grace.

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  1. We are blessed…and we are getting older, huh? I agree with everything you just said…teary-eyed, at that!

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