The Ark of God

Guiding Question – What is the spiritual significance of the separation of the ark and the rest of the tabernacle articles?

We see this occurrence in I Chronicles 16. The crux of the story is that the Ark had been stolen by the Philistines in I Samuel 4, but had found no favor with it, and decided to return it by cart. Although the Ark was successfully returned to Israel, David had it on his heart to bring the Ark of God into Jerusalem. When this was attempted in an unprescribed manner (on a cart instead of with staves), Uzzah’s life was taken by God. David finally discovered the correct method, and he tasted great joy in bringing the Ark into the city.

This is where we meditate. We are in Jerusalem, with the Ark, but the rest of the articles of the Tabernacle remain in Gibeon in a high place. So the question plagues us. What are we to learn from this? The tabernacle is separated. What deep teaching is here?

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