God’s Extravagance

He was not budget-minded when He determined to save us; He sat not on His throne in Heaven saying, “I would like to save these poor, wretched creatures from their sin so they can go free, and start over with things”; His heart was poised rather to save us and bring us into His family. Can it be fathomed? The object of our disdain; the One we avoided at every turn in our lives before we knew just how He loved us; the One of whom we said in our hearts, “I will not have this Man to reign over me”: this same One devised a plan that was laced and woven with love for us from start to finish. He crafted, like a composer, a glorious symphony, that when played out, would set such tones aloft; such lilting melodies, with the intricate design of a master musician; that we would find ourselves blushing at the thought of being the subject of such labor: we, the ones whose rebellion led His lovely Son to breathe His last on the accursed tree at Calvary. This love so foreign to us would well up within the heart of the Father to the extent that He would desire to call us sons!

The thought of “God’s extravagance” has been bubbling under the surface for me in the last month or so. We were watching a nature show, when the host, while walking through a remote place in a desert region, spotted a singular pink flower a few feet above eye level. His comment was to the effect that the flower showed “God’s extravagance”, in that there are likely millions of flowers positioned in far-away places; far from the eye-sight of any human. And his comment was only in regard to a flower. What of unknown (to us) plant and animal species; or the depths of the ocean that veil discoveries; or the vastness of the cosmos: the impenetrable depths of that which is “out past the edges”?

Initially, my thoughts centered upon His extravagance in creation; then another thought occurred to me: what if we look at this flower, and the other lavishness that we see around us, as fingerprints? What if this One, who gives us all things richly to enjoy, is at work in our lives daily, and we are simply too busy or bothered or indifferent, to notice, or appreciate, this love that would embrace us; envelope us; point us God-ward every moment? Perhaps we would profit and He would be honored more in our lives if we would allow our spiritual antennae to be more active. I know He would help us if we asked.

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