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I read a blog post today that encouraged me to continue to write. The gist of the post is the same as I have learned as a teacher, and the same that I tell parents of students, and the students themselves, who struggle in whatever particular area of academia in which they are currently struggling. Side note please…isn’t it amazing what can be done with words? Back to the gist. The writer talks about how that we can become expert at “whatever” after we have practiced it for ten thousand hours. This particular post that I read focused on writing, and it encouraged me to continue doing that which I love – writing. Though I have never logged my hours as a writer (and probably won’t), I take away from the post just this – keep writing and you will become a better writer. And I believe this to be true. And I plan to do this. It helps that writing is an enjoyable activity for me. Writing can convey the beauty of a sunset or a waterfall. It can teach someone how to disassemble a lawn mower (or how to judge whether or not one should proceed to cut a lawn with really tall grass blades). For me, writing is what helps me materialize my thinking. Countless times I have set to writing, and found my thoughts just coming together, as if they were flowing through my fingers onto the page (or the screen). It’s truly a privilege to experience this. Anyway, I say thanks to the author of the post to which I have linked above.

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