The Road I Don’t Often Travel

I marvel at the energy level of my bride of almost 19 years. She could run circles around me in a normal day, and she usually does. It’s a blessing to be married to such an energetic person. She challenges me to do more.

I also stand amazed at her ability to never really meet a stranger. If you were to listen in on most conversations with new acquaintances, you would bet that she has known the person for years. This is an ability I do not really have.

I could go on and on about things that my wife can do so well that place me out of my comfort zone, but one area that has come to my attention lately definitely pushes the envelope for me. It is a road I don’t often travel. One that I shy away from at every turn, but one that seems to attract her like one of those huge magnets in a junk yard attracts cars.

The thing I’m talking about is how she seems to be more than OK with the spotlight. The proverbial spotlight, that is. It’s not that she craves this spotlight. She doesn’t dream about how to get attention, nor does she find it too difficult in times when others have the spotlight and she doesn’t. It’s just that when the opportunity presents itself, she stands at attention. And the opportunity has presented itself…yet again.

Chic-Fil-A is holding its annual “Dress Like a Cow And Get Free Food Day”. Last year, I was fine with my whole family (excluding me) dressing like a cow to get free food. I really have a taste for Chic-Fil-A, so I went along and hid sort of in the background while my family pushed on ahead and got free food. I insisted that I would gladly buy my own food. I think some others in the family had the same wish, but they had no money, and Momma made it clear that it wasn’t an option for them.

This year, to the surprise of my bride, I have agreed to dress like a cow. I said it’s a road that I don’t often travel. I have been known to acquiescently stick a toe into the spotlight. So here goes.

I’ll be wearing an angel costume retro-fitted to look like a cow (frown, grimace…that wasn’t what I had in mind, but oh well). “Sounds like more than sticking a toe into the spotlight,” you say? Well, I figure you only live once, and though the light from the spotlight can be bright at times, and if the spotlight hasn’t been converted over to fluorescent from incandescent, it can also be very warm (I’m told), but so what. I’ll travel this road since my bride seems to enjoy when we are on the road together. I can pretend to like it, I guess, or maybe I really will like it.

I’ll let you know after Friday.


  1. I love you. Thanks for being you, and for sharing this lovely pasture with me! Thanks for all the adventures together, and the times where you had to admit: “Yes, that crazy woman…she is actually my wife!”
    P.S. Now, don’t “chicken out” on me.

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