Would You Rather…

We have this card game that we have been “playing” lately. The word is in quotes because CC tells me that we are not playing it correctly.

The cards are formatted in this way:

  • the phrase “Would You Rather” begins each question
  • a choice between two scenarios is presented
  • the choice (due to the fact that both scenarios are usually equally undesirable) creates a dilemma.

I mentioned that we are not playing it correctly. We actually have not really been playing the game at all. We seem to be intrigued, as a family, with just reading the choices, and talking about which choices we would make.

The card that brought on a stiff belly-laugh for me is as follows:


Have to sing everything you say


Shout everything you say?

The thought of both choices brings a comical situation to mind. Can you imagine doing either of these?

First, singing everything you say would definitely cause most folks to question your stability (if they don’t already). You would be the next Julie Andrews, except for the fact that you would never stop singing. The element of surprise that comes from bursting forth into song in a crowd at a mall or a market place would be lost, because you would always be singing. Everywhere and at every time! I dare you to try it for a day.

Second, shouting everything would have its own problems. I am a teacher, and while I sometimes and tempted to shout in the line of duty, I think the shock effect of screaming out at students would wither on the vine sometime during the first week of school (provided I retained my job that long). And can you envision a simple visit to H.E.B.? “HOW MUCH ARE THE BANANAS!” would probably get you trailed by security, and “WHERE”S THE BATHROOM?” would undoubtedly turn some heads.

Anyway, the point is that this game is a fun one even if we are not playing it correctly. It surely gets everyone engaged in conversation.

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  1. Yes…I like this game, too. It kind of reminds me of that “game”: “What’s grosser than gross?”.

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