I Thought She Gave Up Track and Field Years Ago!

Just a few evenings ago, my wife once again surprised me with just a small bit of comedy. Her whole family was at our house for Christmas festivities, and we were all getting into our vehicles to go out to eat.

Now when we are with her family, all of us number to 23 persons, so it can be quite an adventure no matter what we do. Getting into our respective vehicles is at the top of the list of excitement. Inevitably, someone wants to ride in the car belonging to another family, so we take great care in counting heads to make sure that everyone is with us. We have all seen Home Alone.

We were in the process of getting into our vehicles. Everyone was accounted for except CC. She was still in the house, when CC’s sister came to me and said that I could leave since she had room for CC in another vehicle. So I did.

Just as I was leaving, CC was coming out of our home, and caught sight of the Suburban pulling away. Thinking she was being left behind, and not wanting to be left behind, she did what any grown woman would do. She ran as fast as she could in hopes that she could get my attention.

What focus! She didn’t even see the van waiting for her in our driveway. But the occupants of the van saw her, and enjoyed every stride she took. Just another family memory that we can all recall and laugh about!


  1. What a day that was! We laughed and laughed. (Thanks, CC.) It’s great to be the g-mom of this wonderful family!

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