Day Two of Push Ups

Saturday, I began a push ups program that promises to enable the faithful to perform 100 consecutive push ups. I eagerly emailed Kane about the program, because I know that he is interested in fitness, and to my surprise, he responded something like this – “Tried it last summer – doesn’t work!”

Hopes dashed – dreams ripped to shreds. Anyway, after recovering from a burst bubble, I realized that even if the program doesn’t deliver as promised, it should still allow me to pursue better health.

Kane’s criticism was that Week 5 of the program was impossible. I have to admit that Day 2 of Week 1 was quite a bit more difficult for me than Day 1! Still encouraged, though.

One little discovery made is that I have started thinking about doing something similar with other exercises like sit ups or crunches. We’ll see how it goes…

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