I Suppose it Could Be Worse – Part 2

What a day this has been. Every indication seemed to assure me of a smooth day ahead. I was like a sailor observing a clear horizon. And then it happened.

Before I disclose any information about the said incident, let me tell you that I am sitting in my neighbor’s car using his laptop to write this post. Unusual? Yes it is. I am writing this post in my neighbor’s car because of what happened.

We were scheduled to go to my neice’s birthday party today, and things were being loaded into the Suburban. I was outside talking with Kane about doing 100 pushups, and CC, standing at the door, asked if we were all ready to go, to which I replied, “Yes”. Then it happened.

She shut the door with both sets of keys in the house. And the door was locked.

So many things ran through my mind. But the one thing I keep coming back to is that I should have followed through on that endeavor to make more copies of our house and car keys in the event that we become locked out.

So here I sit. Blogging about my stupidity. What’s new?

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  1. In my defense, someone had keys to open the suburban…and someone brought them back into the house. Thankfully, it did all work out, and no windows were broken!

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