At Least I Know 5 or 6 Things

My wife asked me to write a post describing 6 things I’ve learned lately. Here it is:

  1. I have recently learned how to upload a podcast on my blog at work. I have even learned a bit about adding music on either end of the recording so as to spice things up a bit.
  2. In recent days, we watched a History Channel series on the American Revolutionary War. I learned that the Americans were trailing (so to speak) throughout the whole war, and that, at many times, things looked as if there was no chance that the British could ever lose. I also have been able to glean a life lesson – we should all wait patiently for our “Yorktown” just as General George Washington did.
  3. There are many “winds” of doctrine always floating around, but many more during an election year.
  4. Expressing my thoughts in written form fulfills a deep need for me.
  5. Eating less for dinner allows me to sleep less that evening.
  6. God provides, very often, at the last moment, when things look grim.

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  1. Thanks, Love. Number four is shared by me. “Amen” to number six! It is sooooo true! I love you!

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