I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox

and which you were probably saving for breakfast

forgive me

they were delicious

so sweet and so cold

William Carlos Williams

I teetered and tottered and mulled over in my mind just how I should start this entry to you, my lovely bride of almost 18 years. “How shall I express to her how thankful and blessed I feel to have and to hold such a Life-filled girl/lady/mom/love-of-my-life…,” I asked myself. I wanted to say in a beautiful way how much I have enjoyed the last twenty years, and how much I look forward to 20 more as the LORD gives.

We talked just today about how significant words have been to us in our life together, and I gave that some thought.

FIRST, we were given life each one through the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. Even the world could not contain the books that could be written about all his loveliness, but how fulfilling it is to dwell upon Him, and try to exhaust the inexhaustable WORD. For these TWENTY years, He has led us with His sweet and powerful WORD.

Secondly, our relationship grew and was nurtured by many letters written back and forth when nearness was impossible. How much like the sweet smell of a rose were those letters received when distance was an obstacle.

Thirdly, I remember a time when your love of corniness and word play was not a love I shared. And now…I think I’ve been led captive.

Fourthly, how many t-shirts have we penned in our minds in those late-night weird-mooded laughing fests? I hoped that those nights/mornings would never end. We may never actually make a penny on any of those ideas, but it’s been so fun thinking up the next great shirt!

Fifthly, our poetry to one another has been sweet. HOWEVER…I think you owe me one. A really long, juicy, poem, that brings a single tear to my eye – “if that’s possible,” I hear you saying it now.

And what about this new version of our card ceremony – now electronic?

I know I could go on and on, but I should get to the punch line.

I chose a poem – this poem – because of how much I love you, and of how much I love William Carlos Williams’ poetry, and of how much it communicates a secret we have held together in these many years. The secret is forgiveness. This is not the only secret, I know, but how amazingly important this secret has been to us!

There have been times when we accidentally hurt one another. And there have been times when we (I’m sorry to say) have purposely hurt one another. Now, here we stand together, because of God’s grace and forgiveness. I publicly confess – apart from salvation through Jesus Christ, I rifle through my mind and memories to find only you as the single-most significant thing that has ever overtaken me.

And you have overtaken me with your kindness, and with your love, and with your selflessness, and with your forgiveness. What shall I say, other than, “Thank you!” Thank you for twenty love-filled years and your promise to stand by me no matter what may come. You have blessed me, and I thank you.

Your husband – bc


  1. Thank you, Love. I smiled and cried all through that! You are such a gift to me! So, I owe you a poem, huh? I know I do. I just haven’t finished it yet. Hopefully, I will soon. I did share your poem on my blog today. Have a wonderful day, sweetheart!

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