That Was Might Neighborly Of You

On Thursday I received a call from my wife while I was at work. The call was placed to tell me that our washing machine was no longer working, and that there was a small puddle of water on the floor in the utility room. My first response was a very mature one. It was, “Great! I can’t wait to find out what will break next?”

I came home to begin work on the washer, but found no success. As a family, we sat down and read Psalm 55 and prayed and found our encouragement from the LORD, but I was still unable to repair the washer. I went to bed a bit discouraged, but sure that the LORD would bring the solution. Psalm 55 and the suffering described there helped to put my small suffering in perspective.

The next afternoon I received another call from my wife. She called to say that Bob and Barbara, our neighbors, opened their home so that CC could use their washer, AND that Bob wanted to take a look at the washer (since the warranty on the washer had expired).

In conclusion…Bob was able to find a ball of hair that had stopped the movement of the pump. The hair was removed, and we now have a washer that washes. I am thankful to the LORD, and I am thankful for great neighbors!

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