Just a Worthless Grackle

So there I was at 7:38 am. My eyes were still trying to fight their way open. My head was heavy with sinus congestion. My body and soul were yearning to get this Friday started for the purpose of bringing it to a swift end. Is it needful for me to say that I was tired?

I was waiting at the stoplight behind a few cars, and I had the opportunity to glance over and spot a grackle on the pavement between our line of cars. I normally am not very interested in grackles because I think they are ugly and that they are pests. They make a hideous, scratching sound that reminds me of feedback coming out of a PA system.

But what I saw awakened me to the importance of each moment, and drew my thoughts to a great promise in the Scriptures. It’s the one about the sparrows, and how the LORD feeds them, and how we are worth much more than a sparrow. The promise extrapolated to every day life abruptly assists us to recall that God firmly holds us, and that he is a God who actually cares about our needs. He watches us with deep concern, and wants to be everything to us. I suppose I should get to the punchline.

The grackle was eating out of a bag of unrecognizable food that had been dropped from a car and steamrolled by traffic. Not my idea of a nice meal, but I’m not a grackle. For this I am thankful. I am also thankful for this tiny nudge that the LORD gave me this morning. He spoke to me there in my sleepy little mode of “I’m tired and want this day to end”. He said, “I have you on my heart”. He said, “You are graven on my hands”.

Humor came from this when I spoke to Matt (a friend at work) about the grackle. He asked, “Did you see the possum that got hit by a car next to the grackle?” I can always count on Matt to make me laugh. I can also always count on the LORD to preserve and protect.

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