They’re Back!

Well…it is the end of the second day of school, and I can honestly say that I do enjoy my job. I have not enjoyed the administrative tasks associated with these first few days–teaching 31 eleven-year-olds how to open a locker, collecting tissues, map pencils, etc., and making sure papers get signed and returned.

However, I do enjoy former students stopping by to say hello and that they miss me. And I enjoy teaching siblings of former students, and I REALLY enjoy thinking that Summer is just 185 business days away. Just kidding.

Seriously. I take pleasure in trying to ease the mind (and high blood pressure) of sixth graders who frantically run through the halls and say, “Do you know where Mr. So-and-so’s class is?” Or, “How do I get to the gym?” It’s neat seeing these students progress from terrified little ones to the confident (maybe too confident) hall-dwellers that they will become.

If you sit back and try to find the little perks that come with teaching, it makes for an enjoyable time.

Should I remind the reader that compared to “the program” anything is better? It’s all about perspective!

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