Now That’s Funny

One of the funniest memories I have of high school is one I did not witness, but only heard of.

An old friend whom I’ve known since middle school was at the reunion, and he reminded me of an extremely dangerous (although amusing) encounter that he had at about age 13.

While Mike was in Yellowstone Park (I think), he and his dad happened upon an American Bison. It occurred to Mike’s dad that they had serendipitously stumbled upon quite a nice picture moment.

Mike was encouraged by his father to “move closer” to the beast so that he could capture the moment with a Polaroid. All went well…AT FIRST. But after a few moments, Mike noticed that the mucous dripping from the bison’s nostrils increased in volume, some grunting was emitted, and the animal’s hooves began to scrape the ground, just as he reached out his hand to pet the creature.

Just as the animal began to charge, and Mike began to run, Mike’s dad pressed the button on the wonderful contraption known as the instant camera, and a wonderful photo as well as a wonderful memory was created. I consider myself privileged to have been one of Mike’s friends who saw the said photo. I just hope his dad kept the snapshot and scanned it!

Thanks to Mike for reenacting that exciting moment.

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