You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

Dale Carnegie

I don’t know why we worry about reunions. But I have been nervous about this one. I suppose it’s because my physique has changed drastically in 20 years, and there are circles under my eyes due to allergies, and my back hurts because of a bulging disc, and all this signals to me that I have aged.

While this all bothers me, I think my largest concern is my change in philosophy. My change to a new creature. The very year I graduated, while away in college, I gained new life through Jesus Christ.

There in my dorm room, all alone, I grabbed the Bible my mom had packed. I can’t even remember what passage I was reading, but I changed overnight. It was like a wagon rode over a dirt road, and when the dust settled, the road was paved.

And so this is how I return to see the people with whom I graduated from high school. This is how I perceive that they will perceive me. A new creation. An anomaly.

I have no regrets about my new birth. It is without question the best decision I have ever made. The decision to follow Christ.

I am a bit nervous about the breaking of the ice. I think the quote at the head of the page is a great guide. I just need to be interested in them. Genuinely interested. I think this will make the most memorable impact in the lives of the people I see tomorrow.

After all, after tomorrow, life goes on. I will return home, back into my microcosm, and forget about what happened at the reunion. What will last is how I treated the people I greeted. With this said – I hope to enjoy myself by finding interest in others tomorrow. So here goes.

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