Fear Confirmed … I’m Old

We went to Sea World on Sunday. Most of the family rode the Steel Eel, and most of those who rode it enjoyed it.

Benjamin was the exception. Just after we crested the first gigantic hill. He looked at me and said, “Actually, I don’t want to do this.” The rest of the ride consisted of my fatherly role of keeping him in the car, and assuring him that we would not die.

Anyway, about the fact that I’m ancient and falling apart…

I rode the Steel Eel and the Great White despite the fact that I have a bulging disc. My chiropractor just shook his head when I visited him Monday.

So I can now no longer

  • Play basketball
  • Jog
  • Ride roller coasters

I wonder what else I will have to put on the list.

If this situation were a cake, I would then ice it with the fact that my 20th high school reunion is Saturday. NICE! I’m old and feeling it.

There is definitely no squirrel inside of me now!

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