A New Title?

Last week we played Laser tag with Wish Teens, and I had the privilege of being given a new name. If you have never played Laser tag, you may not know that the management asks for a nickname when they are registering each player. The purpose for the name is so that when you “shoot” someone, their LCD screen will display your name as the “shooter”.

I naturally asked for the name bc, but with the noise in the lobby, the person typed in my nickname as “Beasty“. When I activated my laser, the screen read, “Welcome Beasty!” For a moment, I thought I had someone else’s laser. Then I realized that there had been some miscommunication.

I’m not sure if I want to retain the new name, but I want to be sure to tell Kane, since he often likes to make fun of my blog title. Who knows, “Beasty” may show up on the title bar of my blog real soon.

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