At Long Last

I cannot believe that it is finally over! My experience over the past 4 weeks has been grueling, and I am breathing easier now that it is final. I can honestly and without wavering say that I will never sign myself up for that “program” again. In so many ways, it was an unequal fit for me.

I was in disagreement with so many of the “program’s” basics, but I did not know that until I was in the thick of it all. Shame on me for not thinking through this one a bit more.

Nevertheless…here I am with 2 more weeks of Summer, and I plan to enjoy it with rest and family time.

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  1. Now that it’s over you can concentrate on all of the positives you got from the program. You appreciate your job more. Your crazy neighbor seems a little less crazy now. The program generated not one, but two haikus! And the MP3 player is just around the corner. =)

    Enjoy summer.

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