Second Honeymoon?

Nonnie and Uh-Oh graciously offered to spend about a week with our children, and our kids were so excited about the thought of being with them in Fort Worth! They plan to visit parks and museums, and go fishing on Nonnie’s boat (I call it Nonnie’s because Uh-Oh bought it for her on their anniversary). Our children packed for days, and the big day finally came!

We met in Temple with Nonnie and Uncle J to eat at Luby’s and to give them the kids. With an empty and quiet Suburban (and a new and functioning fuel pump) we began our sojourn back down the 35 corridor. With all that time on our hands and no curfew, we decided not to hurry home. My Love mentioned that we should be impulsive. That we should just drive back home without any agenda. So we drove until something interesting caught our attention.

Our first stop was in Salado, where we hoped to watch a nice play, but we found out that the show was not to be presented last night. So we took an area visitor’s map from the Salado visitor center, and continued driving.

Our next stop was Austin. We have seen those t-shirts and bumper stickers that urge us to “Keep Austin Weird,” so we took that under advisement and went there. I think it is a bit weirder since our visit.

We set out to visit the Congress Avenue bridge to witness about a million bats emerge from their daytime roost. So, we endured some MILD (sarcastic) Austin traffic, and finally found ourselves standing on the bridge, but looking for the best place to view the bats.

CC asked a couple (who happened to be walking by) if they knew the best place to view the bats. They responded that they were in from San Diego for a wedding, and that this was their first time in Austin. We all agreed to find the right place together, and we ventured under the bridge. We found a grassy area on the east side of the bridge and decided to wait there.

The next part of this story is really cool!

We began talking with the couple – sharing vitals like number of children, years married, and occupations. The man (I’ll call him Mr. C) asked what my wife did. I gave the answer that makes me very proud, but usually provokes an unusual involuntary rolling of the eyes for the one who asks the question. I said, “She homeschools our children”. I waited for the barrage of cynical questions and not-so-subtle innuendos about “socialization” and other points of contention.

Mr. C’s response just about made my head spin. He said, “We homeschooled our children, too.” What an amazing occurrence! Of all the people we could bump into in Austin, we had the privilege of sharing the evening with not just fellow homeschoolers, but also a brother and sister in Christ.

We had a sweet time fellowshipping and encouraging one another in the faith. I know there are times to defend the faith, but there are also times like last night. We had a moment that I think must have been like those times when the Master called his disciples to a mountain to rest. What a nice memory!

We parted ways with the couple, and decided to go find some dinner. We arrived in San Marcos at 9:30, and found one of our favorite restaurants – Mamacita’s. We ordered, and soon after, the excitement began.

A toddler at the table next to us began to choke on a chip. CC needed no invitation to swoop in and save the day, and the child’s mother (who seemed to be in shock while everything happened) was thankful for the help. I cannot count how many finger sweeps and Heimlich maneuvers my wife has performed over the years! I was proud to see her being so helpful once again. The child was fine after she contributed her help, and we continued eating.

I felt like we were Batman and Robin. We had just spent an evening at the Batcave, and then went out to rid the world of corruption and choking. I am usually never bored with our life!

The capstone on the evening was when the mariachis came over and asked if they could sing for us. I paid the head musician and asked him to play Amazing Grace. He agreed to play the first verse, and we sat and listened as the room was filled with the music of heaven. While the violin played, and the gentleman sang about God’s amazing grace, my mind’s eye took me to a cross that was fixed on a hill two thousand years ago. I thought of the Savior’s arms outstretched, and the groans He made while He died for me. I was reminded instantly of how unworthy I am to receive this AMAZING GRACE!

I am thankful for such a wonderful day!

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