Caught in a Trap

Today was another exciting day for the family. I was working out in the front yard, when a neighbor called me over. While walking over to his house, I noticed that he had some sort of cage in a wheelbarrow. The cage was partially covered with a tarp, so I had to stoop lower to see what was in the cage.

I discovered that the cage contained a raccoon! My neighbor used a live trap to catch the raccoon, and was planning to relocate the animal outside the city. I jokingly asked if I could pet it, knowing that raccoons in cages are not nice to fingers that are placed near them.

We suppose that the recent upheaval of habitats in our neighborhood has caused animals such as this one to search for new homes.

Before he hauled the animal away, I went to get my children and their cameras. Quite a sight!

(Picture compliments of Grace)

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  1. Wow! I love that photograph of the raccoon with Grace’s camera. This is a great shot, Grace!

    This blog has been a tremendous blessing to me today, and I’ve appreciated the humor, the tenderness, and the faithfulness demonstrated by BC and Friends. Wonderful!

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