Fun in the Sun

Yesterday was a fun day! We had nothing scheduled, and nowhere to go (because we currently lack transportation). By default, we were grounded. So we decided to make the best of it. We had a water fight in the back yard.

It reminded me of days gone by. It reminded me that I have a great job as a teacher (summers off). It reminded me that it is so important to play with my children while they are still with us. It also reminded me that I should rub it in with my neighbor.

So, later in the day, when Kane came home from work, so weary from all of work’s burdens, I asked him if he had to work tomorrow. And then I giggled. The comment was not received well, but I think he can tolerate it because of his future plans.

Anyway, the day was fun, and I hope to have more like them in the remaining weeks of Summer!

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