I Suppose It Could Be Worse

If you have not yet read my wife’s post about today’s events, please do so. She gave it the title – ChAnGe OF PLANS. Reading her take on the day, and then reading mine will give some insight into the different way we see things. I think we are a good balance.

My wife is a “the glass is half full” kinda girl, and I, well, am not there yet. She sometimes calls me a pessimist, but I like the term “realist”. I see the glass as completely full. Either full of only toxic gases that are choking me to death, or full of the freshest, sweetest water that one could ever taste, contained in a shiny crystal glass with a hairline crack at the bottom.

So you see that our views seem to differ slightly. And that’s what makes our world together very exciting. No, I am really not that negative all the time. I shuffle back and forth between “quiet desperation” and elation. The elation only comes from the source of all joy – my Saviour, Jesus Christ. (The British spelling of Saviour was added to bother my neighbor). The quiet desperation comes from focusing too much on the problem(s) at hand, and not enough on the source of all joy.

Now let me get to my take on the day. I’ll be briefer than my wife, so I don’t get so depressed.

The trip to New Mexico has been built up and talked about and dreamed about for months. A reunion that promised to be one of this year’s true highlights. Let me ask you a question at the risk of stepping aside a bit. Do you get along with your in-laws? And all of their kin? Well, before you blow a gasket by replaying your hatred for the “other side”, let me just say that I cannot even begin to be negative about my in-laws and their family. And for repetition’s sake, I hardly ever need prompting toward negativity. But my wife’s family members are some of the kindest, funniest, most delightful people I have the pleasure of knowing. I consider it one of the highest honors to be a part of the Wisdom Clan.

And so this is why I feel that I have lost something because of today’s events. The two-week sickness, the pink eye, the colon problems, the fatigue, the car trouble looming over my head even now, have prevented me from enjoying the company of some very sweet people.

It’s good for me to communicate all this. I feel better already. Maybe the glass is full. I just hope it’s not full of mucus, or something nasty like that!

I have included a picture of our quiver to remind myself to laugh.

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