That They Should Be With Him

“And He ordained twelve, that they should be with Him…”
Mark 3:14

How beautiful to consider this primary purpose stated among secondaries! Yes, the remaining portion of the verse continues –

“…and that He might send them forth to preach, and to have power to heal sicknesses, and to cast out devils…”

But unalterably, we have the Lord’s agenda ranked for these He chose as disciples. First, and most significantly…He desired that “they should be with Him”! And with this thought let us continue. Let us focus on select words within the phrase in order to give emphasis to each.

And He ordained twelve, that THEY should be with Him

Who were “they”? They were fishermen and tax collectors – simple men with apparently unimportant lives – until the day they met the Christ of God. They would go on to fulfill the Lord’s work throughout the world. They would preach, and heal sicknesses and cast out demons. But the Lord’s first step for these unlearned men is that they would come with Him and “rest awhile” (Mark 6:31). And we can also become the same as these men. He desires this place for us as well.

And He ordained twelve, that they SHOULD be with Him

This is not the should of obligation, but the should of opportunity. The God who created them had made a way for them to be with Him. How humbling it is to think that He offers us the same! He does not stand with pointing finger scolding us for refusing to come. Rather, He stands with arms open wide waiting for the only appropriate response from those who have been died for. We SHOULD respond.

And He ordained twelve, that they should be WITH Him

Our minds can go back to the first time Man met with the sad fact that a visit with God was impossible. Adam fell from his place of blessedness when he disobeyed God, and a cherubim with a flaming sword was placed at the entrance to the garden. The way into the place where Adam had walked with God in the cool of the day was now barred. His sin had separated him from his Creator. How thankful are we who know the joy of being called unto Him even though we have sinned. How precious a thought it is that God has made a way through the shed blood of His Son to walk with God…that they should be WITH Him!

And He ordained twelve, that they should be with HIM

Now we find ourselves at the pinnacle of our discussion. The very zenith of the faith…HIM! And He ordained twelve, that they should be with HIM! Where else would they want to be than with Him? Their creator, their redeemer, the One who made all things, sustains all things, knows all things. What an amazing paradox that the very creator, the One who spoke everything into existence, would care to call simple folks to be with Him! Astounding!

More than this is the fact that should make us all gasp. The fact is that the God of the universe, Jesus Christ, came to this planet not just to be with us. He came here to die, that we might be with Him forever! In order for us to be near Him, He had to shed the only pure blood in existence. And it is through this blood, that we can be cleansed, so that we might be near Him – for He is holy, and cannot even look upon sin.

And He ordained twelve, that they should be with Him

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